Certified Specialist SBA

The Certified Specialists SBA of our firm

Alexandre Guyaz is Certified Specialist SBA in Torts and Insurance Law.
Daniel Guignard is Certified Specialists SBA in Construction and Real Estate Law. 
François Logoz is Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law.
Adrian Schneider is Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law.

Why the specialisation ?

The law is more and more complicated. In order to satisfy the clients’ expectations, the lawyer is in a strengthened position if he has deep knowledge and great experience in the area in which he is used to practise. He will be faster and more efficient. That is why the specialisation is essential.
The specialist shall however keep and improve his skills as a generalist in order to act strictly and successfully in other fields than his specialisation.

Official acknowledgment of the specialisation

Since 2006 the Swiss Bar Association (SBA) has laid down rules about its members’ specialisation. The SBA awards the title of “Certified Specialist SBA” to lawyers who comply with the required conditions. Nowadays the number of acknowledged specialisations is limited to a few areas but should increase in the future.

The specialist must :

  • practise the bar for 5 years,
  • demonstrate deep knowledge and experience in the specific area,
  • attend in this matter to 120 hours of intensive courses which shall be drawn towards the practice,
  • pass a written exam, as well as an oral exam before a commission of experts,
  • spare at least 2 days a year for training in the area of his specialisation and
  • show every 10 years that he still practises in the area of his specialisation and that his knowledge in this field is up-to-date.