Estates and Successions

Gross & Associates advises and assists clients in matters of estate law, from estate planning and preparation to insuring the proper execution of such planning, as well as defending the rights of the heirs or successors.


Gross & Associates’ experience in contract, corporate and business law, real property and private international law allows the firm to handle estates that include extensive and diversified assets, as such estates almost always require solutions to questions that do not relate exclusively to estate law.


In particular, the firm offers the following services :

  • Organization of the estate
  • Tax planning, including analysis of all tax implications and search for solutions to reduce tax liabilities
  • Preparation and drafting of wills and related documents
  • Appointments as executor or official administrator of an estate
  • All steps necessary in connection with the preparation of an inventory and the issuance of an heir’s certificate
  • Organization of the partition of the estate
  • Drafting partition agreements
  • Contests of wills, inheritance claims as to assets held by a third party, settlements amongst heirs, abatements of gifts and legacies, and other estate matters

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