Real estate, construction and territory planning

Gross & Associates puts its skills in the field of real estate for the services of businesses and individuals, communes and public law corporations. 

In particular, Gross & Associates advises and assists them regarding :

  • Territory planning and building regulations
  • Building licences
  • Environmental law (polluted locations, noise control)
  • Construction contracts (analysis, negotiation and drafting of contract for work and services, general contract for work and services, total contract for work and services, of subcontractor, of property sale, of architect, of engineer and of brokerage)
  • Liability for defects, expert processes, procedure in liability for defects
  • Condominium (assistance of the administrator or condominium owner, dispute resolution)
  • Statutory charge on immovable property for tradesmen and building contractors
  • Proceedings related to real estate (neighbourhood disputes, easement)
  • Acquisition of real estate by foreigners in Switzerland
  • Secondary residences (Lex Weber)
  • Expropriation

Contacts :