Gross & Associates advises and assists clients in the negotiation and drafting of all contracts, general terms and conditions, as well as in the resolution of disputes relating to the carrying out of clients’ contracts.


Our experience in litigation in this area allows us to anticipate and tailor the solutions we advocate such that they may withstand the test of a trial, if necessary.


In particular, the firm offers the following services :

  • Analysis of the goals and the practical means to achieve them
  • Choice of the legal strategy
  • Definition of the rights and obligations of each party to the contract
  • Analysis of the practical consequences of such rights and obligations
  • Selection of guarantees and penalties to be obtained and granted
  • Selection of the law governing the contract and the method of dispute resolution
  • Negotiation of the agreement with the other party or parties to the contract
  • Drafting of the contract and its exhibits
  • Assistance in the performance of the contract

Contacts :