Bankruptcy, collection and stay of bankruptcy

Whether they be debtors or creditors, Gross & Associates assists its clients at all stages of collection proceedings, forced sales or execution of claims for indebtedness, stay of bankruptcy and execution of Swiss or foreign judgements or awards in arbitration.


Gross & Associates’ experience in the areas of real property, contracts, torts and civil and corporate liability is an important asset for the effective protection of its clients’ interests in bankruptcy and collection proceedings.


In particular, the firm offers the following services :

  • Identification and investigation of the debtor
  • Application for attachment or freezing of assets
  • Collection suits, motions for grant replevin, for continuation of collection proceedings, demand for sale and collection of receipts of liquidation and other relevant procedures
  • Design of a “Plan of Restructuration” and of the strategy to be adopted with respect to employees, clients and suppliers
  • Bankruptcy or Insolvency proceedings, audit of and oppositions to priority of payment of debts, realisation and distribution of assets, request for stay of bankruptcy
  • Appointments as members of commissions of creditors, liquidators or special administration of insolvencies

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